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Naruto and Bleach
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Bleach colored manga panels
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Naruto and Bleach Group

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:bulletred: :bulletred: WARNING!! :bulletred: :bulletred:

If your submission was denied, it's probably because you submitted it to the wrong folder. You are free to submit it again, this time to the right folder of course.

If you have troubles knowing where to submit it, read this.

And please pay attention to the new folders:
Naruto colored manga panels
Bleach colored manga panels

:bulletred: :bulletred: Warning end :bulletred: :bulletred:

Welcome to Naruto-and-Bleach group!

Obviously this is a group dedicated to the animes/mangas Naruto and Bleach.
If you're a fan of one of those animes/mangas feel free to join =D!!

:bulletorange: Joining :bulletorange:
Just click on "Join our Group", you will be automaticly accepted as a member =)
Feel free to join!! ;)

:bulletorange: Rules :bulletorange:
1. You must like at least one of those 2 animes/mangas
2. You must not hate none of those 2 animes/mangas
3. Respect your fellow dA members
4. Do not bash at characters, pairings, or other things you don't like

:bulletorange: Submit art :bulletorange:
Click on "Contribute art" and choose the right category please.
To help you chose the right one, go here: Gallery Categories
Limit: 2 deviations a day per member!

:bulletorange: Special Affiliate :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: What's new? :bulletorange:
Two new folder categories:
Naruto colored manga panels
Bleach colored manga panels

So, if you color a manga panel/page, submit it to these folders, please.


The founder, AliceDattebayo


Check out our affiliates ^_^

Recent Journal Entries

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:bulletorange: :bulletblack: :bulletorange: AFFILIATES NEWS :bulletorange: :bulletblack: :bulletorange:

This blog is for our affiliates to announce their contests and other events.

If your group is affiliated with Naruto-and-Bleach and you would like us to help you promote your group's events just leave a comment here or send a note to this group with information you think it's important about the contest/event.


:bulletorange: Contests :bulletorange:

:bulletblack: TheHidanFans


Event: To celebrate Hidan and Halloween
How Competition Works: sign up for the contest and you will receive at random a certain theme of Halloween that you must use in your entry.
Deadline: November 30th at 11:59pm
Prizes:Points, art requests, features (more prizes are needed if anyone wants to donate.)
More info:…

:bulletblack: HidaShikaGroup


Theme: Mini-competitions & prize raffle
Prizes: Points, memberships, and sketches
More info:…
Winners: Beach Day: drowning4you with beach day | AU Day: drowning4you with school dayz | Festival Day: FlaredSight with HidaShika Festival Day | Whatever Day: Estheryu with Naruto HidaShika | Scavenger Hunt: animewiccan725 | Prize Drawing: drowning4you

:bulletblack: NarutoWorld


Theme: The Movie Contest
Task: Pick a number, get a famous movie character and draw it as your favourite Naruto character!
Winner: Altonaix with Nightmare After Christmas

:bulletblack: Naruto-BleachFC


Theme: Your favorite Bleach Character dressing up like your favorite Naruto character
Media: drawings only
More info:…
Winners: First place: insanitycookie333 with Rukeji and Renten | Second place: NoEntry92 with Soifon and Yoruichi ft Naruto cosplay | Third place: MystPhaze with Cosplaying~

:bulletblack: NarutoGroup


Theme: N is for Naruto
Modality: ask for a secret word that starts with N and make a piece related to it
More info:…
Winners: First place: jesterry with Nostalgic | Second place: Stephany-Q-Vin with Nice | Third place: Mostlynice with Naughty


:bulletorange: Other Events :bulletorange:

:bulletblack: Naruto-Artists


Theme: Naruto Festival
Details: 5-week Naruto Festival that includes a scavenger hunt, puzzles, riddles, collaborations and LOTS OF FUN!
Why? To bring the Naruto community closer together, and because it's fun!
How? 4-man squads taking weekly-missions plus individual battle (contests) each week.
More info:…

The founder, AliceDattebayo
Home | News | Gallery Categories | Contest | Affiliates News | Weekly Avatar | Contest Winners | Claim a character

:bulletorange: :bulletblack: :bulletorange: NEWS :bulletorange: :bulletblack: :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: 24 Oct 2012 - New Gallery categories
Hello everyone,

I'm here to tell you that I made 2 new categories, one for Naruto and other for Bleach, for colored manga panels/pages.

Why you ask?

Well, simply because, everytime there are new chapters out, there are certain panels that a lot of people like to color, which is fine. But then the respective category is flooded with the same picture colored in 10 thousand different ways.

So remember:
If you color a manga panel/page, submit it to "Naruto colored manga panels" or "Bleach colored manga panels".

And also, I think I'm going to start declining submissions put in the wrong category. It may depend on my mood, on my available time, on how many deviations I have to accept and on my patience. But this way people, hopefully, might learn!

Of course, those that I acknowledge that it's not very clear which folder they should be put in, I'll still accept, and put them in the right folder myself. As for those, that I see people are clearing not paying attention, specially if you catch me in a bad mood, you'll have your submission declined.

Okay I think that's all!
Please pay attention to these two new folders.

Thank you,
The founder, AliceDattebayo

:bulletorange: 9 Sep 2012 - Sorry for the expired submissions
Hello people,

I just want to apologize because I've been away for some time, and because of that, some submissions expired before I was able to accept them. I'm really sorry. Feel free to submit them again =)

As a second topic, I want to ask you, once again, to please pay attention and submit your deviations to the right categories. As I said in the previous news (down), I waste way too much time putting deviantions submitted to the wrong folder into the right one. It's time consuming and tiring and I really don't want to decline your deviations just because they're submitted to the wrong folder.

But the truth is, sometimes, I just stay away from deviantart because I know if I come here, I'll have to go through the process of not just accepting deviations, but also put them in the right category. So I'm just asking you the favour of paying attention. Please.

If you need help to know where to insert your deviations, please consult this: Gallery Categories.

Thank you,
The founder, AliceDattebayo

:bulletorange: 19 Dec 2011 - New Contest?
Hello there,

I'm sorry for this group to have been a bit inactive lately, but it hasn't been easy for me ^^'. In order to try to make more active, I was wondering if it's time for a new contest. So I would like to hear your opinion, as well as ideas for themes for a new contest. What do you say?

On another subject, I ask you to please pay attention to the categories when you submit something. You have no idea how much time I waste putting deviantions submitted to the wrong folder into the right one. I really don't want to start decling the ones put in the wrong folder, so if you could pay more attention to this matter I would really appreciate it =).

So I remember:
- Ichigo is originally from the human world, so he goes to the folder "Human World + Urahara Shop" and not to "Shinigami". Yes, he's a shinigami, but that folder is for Shinigamis from Soul Society (should I change its name to "Soul Society"?). He doesn't go to "Vaizards" either.
- Sasuke goes to "Taka and Orochimaru's Sound" and not to "Team 7". I accept him in that cattegory only if he's in presence of other Team 7 members, or if it is young Sasuke before he left.

Those are the most common mistakes. But I had seen deviations of a single character put in "Naruto/Bleach pairings". That's for pictures of romantic pairing, so people alone don't belong there, and pictures of 2 people not featured as a romantic pair don't belong there either. So please, please, please pay attention =).

If you need help to know where to insert your deviations, please consult this: Gallery Categories.

Thank you,
The founder, AliceDattebayo

:bulletorange: 15 Fev 2011 - Affiliates News Page
Some of our affiliates asked me to help them promote their contests, which I did, as some of you might have noticed. At the beggining I advertised for their contests here in the News Page, but then I decided our affiliates deserve a blog entry only for themselves. So I created the blog "Affiliates News", so they can announce their contests/events.

You can visit "Affiliates News" here. You should check it, there could be some contest of your interest. ;)

As for our own contest, Characters Cosplay, I have been asking our affiliates to advertise for our contest. Those who decide to do so will have their group's icon listed on our contest's blog. =)

The founder, AliceDattebayo
More Journal Entries


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I think this group is very much *dead*. I noticed in the Pairings folder that the last art I submitted was posted in Nov. 2014. That was 14 months ago! Seems the Founder no longer cares about this group, given he has not been approving art in the past 14 months. What good is staying in a group where the Founder has not accepted any art in 14 months? 

I'm leaving and I recommend to everyone else to leave as well. 

I repeat... This group is *dead*. 
JuPMod Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015
is this group active? I've been submitting art for months and  they are not being accepted. :(
Kira4Inu Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Student Writer


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